​​Thank you for your interest in joining LICMA or renewing your existing LICMA Membership and supporting country music on Long Island!

We are now using a separate shopping-cart based store to collect the necessary member information.  If you do any online shopping the process will be very familiar to you.  The purpose of this page is to show you what to expect when using the shopping-cart.  This is what the first page looks like.

It's very easy.  First you select your desired membership level and fill out your mailing address, you'll click the Next button at the bottom of the Payment screen and see this screen:

Eventually you will be brought to a PayPal screen to complete your Membership processing.

(This is what the PayPal screen looks like)

You do not need to be a current PayPal member to pay for membership using this method - PayPal will accept a credit card.  If you do not complete the payment process using either your PayPal account or a credit card, your membership will not be processed. 

(We are using PayPal to manage the credit transaction)

If you are a PayPal member, simply log into PayPal using your username and password when you are prompted to.  If you are not a PayPal member, follow the instructions on-screen to complete the payment using a credit card - you do not need to be a member to use this service with a credit card.  PayPal is safe and free for you to use and currently the only option for online membership processing.

Once you have successfully completed the process, you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal.  If you do not receive an email from PayPal, the transaction did not complete properly and you did not successfully process your LICMA membership.

We hope this helps to clear up any questions or problems you may have in using our new online Membership processing system.

NOTE: Whether you are a new member or renewing your LICMA membership by mail or PayPal, membership cards will be available to pick up at the membership desk at the next LICMA dance. 

To proceed to the Membership Store   Click Here



Three ways to join or renew your membership 

(1) At a dance    (2) On line - follow instructions below  (3) Mail membership form